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biz:Dicom Print Tool Server

Software created for direct printing of DICOM images and reports on the Konica Minolta bizhub laser printers.

biz:Dicom software has two modes of operation:

As an automatic service
As an independent interface

biz:Dicom CD/DVD Medical Record Tool

Efficient and affordable solution for the distribution of studies and reports with DICOM images, easy to configure, use and maintain.
Directly create DICOM CDs/DVDs from any PACS or modality interface.
Includes an independent viewer specifically for DICOM and JPEG images.
The images for series and studies can be exported to any device:
CD/DVD, USB memory stick or network memory units

ModalVision PACS 2.0

DICOM software for the recording, viewing and distribution of images and report management.

PACS software providing a perfect and cost-effective solution for radiology and tele-radiology, designed for private practices, clinics and medium-sized hospitals.

Allows for the filing, viewing, organization and exporting of radiology images from any modality or node complying with the DICOM 3 standards.

DocuDVM - Recording and broadcasting of medical acts

DocuDVM is a digital video manager that allows viewing, recording, broadcasting, and exporting all kinds of medical acts from anyplace, in
real-time or delayed.

DocuDVM - Digital video manager

DocuDVM is a video digital manager enabling real-time or delayed visualisation, recording, distribution and exportation of any kind of event, from any place.

From your browser, get access to real-time or stored image streaming.

DocuRemote - The solution that guarantees peace of mind

Monitor, record and control with IP cameras.
The most efficient video surveillance application on the market.
Access via local network, internet and mobile devices.

Facilities can be monitored in real time, locally and remotely.
DocuRemote integrates the simultaneous monitoring of up to 36 cameras (which can be IP or analogue cameras via IP video servers)

DocuRemote Counter Edition

Is software for counting people developed by Information & Image Management Systems, S. A., integrated into the DocuRemote Pro video surveillance system.

It includes intelligent video analysis that counts the number of people crossing a virtual line or space, with a proven reliability of over 98% (complying with the established installation requirements) and can be used with 2D and 3D overhead cameras approved by I&IMS.

I&IMS, specialists in videocommunication systems

We have a wide range of hardware and software solutions available so that our clients are well connected. We also rent out completely equipped videoconferencing rooms to carry out high-quality videoconferences via IP or IDSN. I&IMS's videoconferencing rooms, equipped with high-performance hardware, give conference participants the required convenience, comfort and privacy to carry out company meetings, interviews, etc


Computer application enabling the capture, visualisation and treatment of medical images to be shared and diagnosed remotely, includes simultaneous videoconference sessions. It's a flexible application which adapts to the particular requirements and needs of any medical specialisation that includes making diagnoses via images (dermatology, ophthalmology, radiology, etc.), TeleDocuMed 3.0 supports multi-format/multimedia images in addition to DICOM-3 images, which are automatically calibrated

Custom Bulk SMS

A platform designed to immediate delivery customized short messages.

The platform is designed for private and public organizations that need to send SMS to their customers, in a simple and efficient way while allowing absolute control over its spending through a web platform and managing different profiles (marketing campaign, work groups, delegations, etc). Moreover, this system offers a rapid integration with existing databases and other enterprise software.