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BDigital Global Congress I&IMS will participate in the 15th edition of the BDigital Global Congress, one of the reference events in Catalonia in order to get to know the Digital Society and the use of the Information and Communication Technologies advances. It will be set up by the Barcelona Digital technological centre and it will take place from the 12th to the 14th of June, 2013 in the Caixaforum of Barcelona  (Spain), under the heading "THE BIG DATA CHALLENGES".

The issues and debates which will be addressed during the congress and that will be of special interest for I&IMS, are as follows:
  • Big Data and Smart Cities. New opportunities which will be provided by Big Data  to Smart Cities regarding their exploitation in terms of mobility, involvement of citizens, sustainability..etc.
  • Use of Big Data in SMEs. Ways of small-scale Data exploitation. Sectors which will be able to benefit from the availability of Big Data volumes.
  • Big Data and Innovation. Influence of the incursion of Big Data into the creation of new job positions and business opportunities. Its’ application in health, security, mobility, energy and environmental sectors.
5th National Congress of Radiologists of Catalonia I&IMS attended the 5th National Congress of Radiologists of Catalonia celebrated in the Reus Fair (Spain) from the 9th to the 11th of May 2013.

During the event, the following products of I&IMS, addressed to the radiology market, were presented:
  • ModalVision – Radiological PACS, including Dicom & Data Server, Workstations and Web Server.
  • Biz: Dicom Print – Solution for the automatic printing of the Book with the radiological report and referential images. Based on the printers of Konica Minolta.
  • Biz: Dicom CD/DVD – Solution for printing and recording CD’s or DVDs from the RIS and PACS, which include report, diagnostic images in DICOM format and autonomous viewer. Based on EPSON robots.

The Congress brought together more than 250 radiology professionals, who belong to the following Associations: Association of Radiologists of Catalonia, the Medical Radiology Catalan Association and the Image Diagnosis and Radiology Catalan Society.
Anella Industrial I&IMS has joined the Anella Industrial which promotes the services over a new broadband telecommunications infrastructure.

Fourteen new technologies companies, including I&IMS, today signed an agreement with i2Cat Foundation to join the Anella Industrial in order to increase their productivity through intensive use of the information and communication technologies (ICTs). The goal is to become a network that encourages and promotes the dissemination and sharing of knowledge and the approach and collaboration between universities and enterprises.

The signing ceremony took place at the Dirección General de Telecomunicaciones y Sociedad de la Información del Departamento de Empresa y Empleo de la Generalitat de Catalunya headquarters. From i2Cat Foundation, the Telecommunications and Information Society General Manager, Carles Flamerich, has signed the agreements as president of the board. By the part of Information & Image Management Systems S.A. (I&IMS), Ismael Fuentes, its CEO.

As a new member of "Anella Industrial" I&IMS acts as a certified ICT services provider to other partners, as well as a user with utilization rights of the services reserved to the members of the Anella, such as Internet access via high-speed optical fiber.

The current members of "Anella Industrial" are more than 50 partners, which we can highlight, in addition to I&IMS, the presence of many of the Catalonian industry, including:
  • Abertis Telecom
  • Altran
  • Atos Origin
  • Barcelona Activa
  • Bytemaster
  • Dessault Systemes
  • Ficosa
  • Leitat
  • FirmaProfesional
  • Fundació i2CAT
  • Microsoft
  • Orange
  • Ruecker-Lypsa
  • SEAT
  • Sintelec
  • T-Systems
  • TÜV Rheinland
  • Unitronics

For more information about Anella Industrial, its partners, activities, etc, see:
Móvil Forum Conference 2012 Móvil Forum Conference 2012 (MFC 2012) is the Spanish reference event in terms of mobility and enterprise solutions, which took place in Barcelona on 21st and 22nd of November 2012 at the International Convention Centre (CCIB).

Telefónica, the organizer of the event, and its technological partners have turned this initiative into an essential event for companies and administrations where they can find the most leading-edge solutions and advancements in the ICT world.

In order to represent these advances in a real and close way, this year MFC 12 became a true Smart City, recreating a city where assistants could test the developments at first hand, and experience the mobility benefits in their daily lives. I&IMS has been an active participant in Health and Retail areas.

MFC 12, with the slogan "New businesses for a new future. Talking about innovation", has had this year in its 12th edition with over 3.000 professional participants and their national and international speakers have given their current view about the digital user and a hyperconnected world applied to business.
Smart City Expo World Congress I&IMS has participated in the second edition of Smart City Expo World Congress, the event about smart cities organized by Fira de Barcelona from 13th to 15th of November 2012.

The congress has led the consolidation of Barcelona as the world capital of smart cities. More than 7.000 professional visitors from 82 countries and 140 companies have met to address the main challenges that will be faced by the cities in a near future, offering the available solutions and exploring the business opportunities in this new field. The event has hosted participants from a total of 1.781 municipalities around the world.

The cities will be the major players in the global development over the coming decades and there will live the most part of the planet’s inhabitants. The transformation of the current cities into smart cities is not only an objective necessity from the economical and environmental standpoint but it has opened a new market for large and small businesses from a variety of sectors.

I&IMS is actively involved in several European projects (like ViCoMo and DEMANES) and private initiatives applying its technological developments of image intelligent analysis (DocuRemote Counter Edition) and video transmission through streaming (DocuDVM), that can be immediately applied in Smart City environments.
ITEA & ARTEMIS Co-summit 2012 I&IMS was present at the 5th edition of ITEA & ARTEMIS Co-summit 2012 held at the CNIT La Défense de Paris (France) on 30th and 31st of October.

The event brought the ITEA2 Symposium 2012 (Information Technology for European Advancement) and ARTEMIS Autumn Event 2012 (Advanced Research and Technology for Embedded Intelligence and Systems).

During the event, 85 R&D&I projects oriented to end market were presented. I&IMS had an active participation during the presentation and demonstration sessions of the ITEA2A and ARTEMISB programs, where participates as a partner in ViCoMoA, LifeWearA and DEMANESB projects.

ITEA & ARTEMIS Co-Summit 2012 focused its working sessions on the "Sharing a vision for ICT innovation" theme. This edition was attended by 700 participants from industry, universities, research institutions and R&D authorities, from all over Europe.
III "Jornades" on R&D in TIC and Health I&IMS participated in the 11th National Day of Telecomunications, held in the CosmoCaixa, on Barcelona, on the 26 of September, 2012.

The event, organized by the College of Engineers and Proficients of Telecommunications of Catalonia (COETTC), has been attended by 1,400 professionals of the Information Technology Communications,  with more than 60 speakers and 10 workshops.

The 11th annual National Day was entitled "ICT as business creation and retention of talent"

I&IMS took an active part in the working groups and further discussions (based on developments and experience of our company in European projects like GREEN-T, VICOMO, LIFEWEAR and 3rD-LIFE):
  • "Importance of mobility: an opportunity for all industries and citizens"
  • "The transformation of public administration with new digital policies in search of transparency, efficiency 'smart cloud' access to information, good governance and services in the city protocol"
  • "ICT and mobility services, What are the benefits for SMEs?".
III "Jornades" on R&D in TIC and Health I&IMS has participated in the "III Jornades" on R&D in TIC and Health, the Catalan-French meeting for research groups, companies and technological and service centres,  which was hold on 7 and 8 June 2012 in Science and Technologic Park of the University of Girona, with the support of TicSalut Foundation in cooperation with UBI France, the French Chamber of commerce of Barcelona, and the Pyrenees-Mediterranean Euroregion, establishing itself as a meeting point between supply and demand for technology.

More than 250 health experts gathered to address TIC to improve healthcare processes, social welfare and quality of life, paying particular attention to cross-border relationship in the Pyrenees-Mediterranean Euroregion (Mid-Pyrenees, Languedoc-Roussillon, Balearic Islands, Catalonia and Aragon).

Furthermore, in order to promote interaction in this meeting, those attending the event may attend plenary sessions, networking sessions, B2B activities (Where I&IMS was present demonstrating his product: DocuDVM Medical Cloud, a digital video manager that allows viewing, recording, distributing and exporting all kinds of medical procedures from anywhere, in real time or delayed), presentation sessions and posters (where I&IMS showed the evolution of the project AAL 3D-Life, which aims to improve the quality of life of older people through an interactive virtual 3D tool).
DEMANES (Design, Monitoring and Operation of Adaptive Networked Embedded Systems) I&IMS participates in the European Project DEMANES (Design, Monitoring and Operation of Adaptive Networked Embedded Systems) that started last May 30, 2012 in Cagliari (Italy) in the headquarters of AKHELA, leader of the consortium, with the assistance of more than 50 people.

DEMANES, ARTEMIS project approved at the Third European ARTEMIS Call 2011, within the "in Ambient Intelligence Embedded Systems: Systems for Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection – Embedded Technologies for sustainable urban environments" has a total expected budget of 22M€ for the 3 years of completion. DEMANES European Consortium comprises 25 partners from 5 countries, in which I&IMS will lead the task of WP4 "Embedded software and runtime libraries reference." The goal of DEMANES is to provide component-based and environment methods and tools for developing runtime adaptive systems, making them able to react to changes in the environment (battery, network status, external services, etc.) and user needs (requirements).
XXXI SERAM (Spanish Society of Medical Radiology) National Congress I&IMS was present in the XXXI SERAM (Spanish Society of Medical Radiology) National Congress which is held biannually at the Exhibition and Congress Palace of Granada (Spain) from 25 to 28 May 2012.

In the stand nº75 of SERAM'2012 was presented, in collaboration with Rein Medical System, the hardware and software solutions specifically designed for the implementation of the latest TICs in operating rooms, consisting of VIEWMEDIC  Operion integrated panels which include certificated medical computers and monitors, and the DocuDVM Cloud Medical application, of I&IMS, used for managing digital video in H.264 HD, which allows viewing, recording, distributing and exporting all kinds of medical procedures from anywhere, in real time or delayed, and multiplatform supported including Windows, iPhone OS, Andoid, etc.
MIHealth Forum 2012 (Health Management & Clinical Innovation) Under the MIHealth Forum 2012 (Health Management & Clinical Innovation) that took place in the Congress palace of Montjuic in Barcelona (Spain). I&IMS participated on May 23, 2012 in the 4th edition of HOSPITALtrack'12, on the "Technology and innovation: more with less" seminar, aimed to achieve that hospitals and clinics can know how they can benefit from innovation and technology to become more productive, efficient and decisive with fewer financial and human resources.

In partnership with EPSON, I&IMS presented and demonstrated in the seminar his own solutions for DICOM radiological environments (CD/DVD recording, laser printing and projection) with biz:DICOM as well as recording and publication on CD/DVD and Cloud Video H264  of medical and surgical operations through DocuDVM Medical.

The MIHealth Forum 2012, organized by the Barcelona Fair, is aimed at health professionals, managers, CEOs and senior managers in the healthcare environment: medical technology, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and technological entrepeneurs providers of technology, services and products.
Smart City Strategy for the municipalities of Catalonia I&IMS has participated on last 27th March 2012 in the Villadecans Business Park (Barcelona) at the "Smart City Strategy for the municipalities of Catalonia" conference which was organized by the CTecno ( Technologic Circle of Catalonia), brought together over 200 representatives of various local Catalan municipal experts and representatives from the new technology Catalonia companies.

The event, which has served to debate the concept of Smart City, its application to the Catalan municipalities and their tactical role as driver of the economy, has developed in a participatory format, through various papers and presentations.

Smart City is the term that encompasses integrated initiatives to improve urban quality of life, sustainability and efficient management of services, innovation in materials, resources and models using technology intensively.

At the conference were presented, among others, the experiences of Urban Labs (city space oriented concept testing techniques and urban solutions) of Barcelona 22@ and Smart Street from Sant Cugat del Vallés, and the "Road map for the Smart City", paper prepared CTecno.

Quality of service

In 2007, I&IMS has obtained from ECA CERT the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2000 quality certification for development and design of computer applications for video surveillance, health and video communication and the UNE-EN ISO 13485:2004 quality certification especially for the applications in the health sector. These allow us to guarantee the systematisation and rigor in processes, the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our client's needs and expectations.